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Shahnaz Akhtar - Maiya Paon Paijaniya

Maiya Paon Paijaniya

by Shahnaz Akhtar

Released 2012
    • 1
    • Aalha Ki Dhwaja Nahi
    • Not available
    • 2
    • Amba Mai Utari Hain Bagh Mein
    • Not available
    • 3
    • Chhum Chhum Chhana-nana Baaje
    • Not available
    • 4
    • Maan Akbar Ka Ghataya Hai
    • Not available
    • 5
    • Panda Karaye Raho Pooja
    • Not available
    • 6
    • Shankar Chaura Re
    • Not available


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